Promoting exercise and education through excellent localization

Gymi is a Finnish brand that covers sports and exercise services for children and youths as well as Gymi Education teacher training and education materials, and functional Gymi Furniture for homes and public spaces. Gymi’s furniture brings natural movement to classrooms, helping improve cognitive learning. In the prestigious GESS Education Awards in Dubai in 2020, Gymi’s furniture was recognized as the Best Product to Promote Health, Fitness and Sports in the Classroom. Gymi’s teacher training and education materials are designed to support children’s all-around development, drive cognitive learning through improved balance, and improve concentration skills and the ability to maintain a peaceful learning environment.

“Various studies have highlighted the many positive effects of exercise, and good balance has a proven correlation with cognitive learning and concentration skills,” says Gymi Group founder and CEO Christina Nurmi who also takes on speaking engagements at various education and sport industry events.

“Our cooperation started with brochure translations in early 2020. Everyone at Itranslate is easy to get along with, so it’s always a pleasant back and forth,” Nurmi says. “I have a background in linguistics myself, so I’m quite particular about the language. Itranslate has provided us with excellent translations, and the quality of their English, for example, is nothing short of perfection. At the 2020 GESS exhibition in Dubai, education professionals from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries lavished praise on our brochures, translated into Arabic by Itranslate. They were astounded that our brochures were not machine-translated but written in genuinely high-quality Arabic,” Nurmi continues. “It’s fair to say that Itranslate’s first-rate translations have helped us win over new clients abroad and open up new business opportunities.”

“We are happy and proud of our cooperation with Gymi Group. We are particularly pleased that our quality translations are gaining recognition beyond Finland and have opened up new business opportunities for Gymi Group,” says Itranslate’s Head of Sales and Marketing Hanna Kostamo.