Karo Pharma and Itranslate promote the message of health and wellbeing

All Karo Pharma products and operations are designed to improve health and quality of life. These range from prescription drugs and over the counter (OTC) products to medical-technical aids and other health products. Karo Pharma’s therapeutical areas include pain, cough and cold, dermatology, footcare, and intimate care. With the population aging, demand for their products and medical aids will only grow in the future. To respond to the increasing demand, Karo Pharma provides patients with products and better access to efficient treatment in over 60 countries.

The cooperation between Karo Pharma and Itranslate Oy started in early 2020. ”We get high-quality translations with fast deliveries,” says Karo Pharma’s Brand Manager Marjo Suominen. According to her, Itranslate’s strengths include quick response times, top quality, and high level of expertise in medical and health product terminology. ”Not many agencies can deliver in all three areas, and I’m speaking from personal experience,” Suominen sums up. ”Itranslate is always on schedule.”

”I place high value on quality and swift turnarounds. Project management is very smooth even with larger projects, and the process is entirely digital, as the name Itranslate suggests. It’s just smooth sailing all the way and pleasantly down-to-earth,” Suominen describes the partnership with Itranslate. She goes on to highlight that Itranslate provides translations to some of the more unusual languages as well. “With a company as large as ours, it is essential that we can rely on high-quality translations even for languages that are more unique from a Finnish perspective, such as Mandarin Chinese.”

”Karo Pharma is an important client to us. Their assignments require a careful, precision-oriented approach and high level of expertise in medical terminology. In addition to more conventional medical translations, we’ve provided subtitles to Karo Pharma’s professional training videos,” says Itranslate Head of Sales and Marketing Hanna Kostamo.