Building on quality translations

Muottikolmio is a Finnish import, sales, and service company that provides products and professional services for concrete and renovation construction. With some of the most advanced products in the industry, Muottikolmio enjoys well-earned success in the market. In product distribution, consultation and product knowledge are key. Muottikolmio makes deliveries from their Vantaa pick-up warehouse quickly and efficiently to construction sites across Finland and the nearby regions.

According to Muottikolmio’s Hannu Pyrhönen, they have about twenty clients that provide documentation in English and in the clients’ native language. ”We currently have an abundance of materials that need to be translated to our customers’ language. And while legislation is one reason, market conditions are another as high-quality translations give us a competitive edge,” Pyrhönen continues.

”Construction is a highly local business, so most of our materials need to be in Finnish and the terminology has to be correct,” Pyrhönen says. Muottikolmio has had some unfortunate experiences with agencies offering cheap machine translations, resulting in poor quality that Muottikolmio did not want associated with their products. Finding a top-quality translation agency became an immediate priority.

The cooperation between Muottikolmio and Itranslate started up in January 2020. ”Their deliveries have been top-notch since day one, both in terms of style and terminology. We go over the more challenging terms together before each job, giving insight to our products and terminology and helping along the translation process,” Pyrhönen describes the cooperation.

”Some of the assignments so far have included Isodrän’s website from Swedish to Finnish, Webac injection materials product documentation from German to Finnish, and BT Innovation marketing materials from English and German to Finnish. I’ve been extremely happy with the results. Itranslate delivers first-rate technical documentation in flawless Finnish. With such high-quality translations, it’s a pleasure to provide the materials to our customers. Cooperation is smooth, Itranslate is always on schedule, and they are prepared to deliver fast when called upon,” Pyrhönen concludes.

”We hit the ground running, and Muottikolmio has quickly become a valued client for us. They are experts in construction while we are proven professionals in language,” says Itranslate’s Head of Sales and Marketing Hanna Kostamo. Muottikolmio’s assignments require a precision-oriented approach and deep understanding of complex and highly specialized construction terminology.