The Art of Translating Copy

Tenfour has been providing companies in Finland with high-quality English copy and graphic design for the past 15 years. All Tenfour copywriters create copy in their native English, setting them apart from the competition. It’s also one of the reasons why many Finnish success stories are told with Tenfour’s copy. Their clients include leading Finnish companies such as KONE, Wärtsilä, Finnair, and Suunto.

Itranslate and Tenfour first partnered up over 10 years ago. With an increasing flow of translation requests from their clients, Tenfour began to look for an agency that could provide high-quality translations into English.

”Our focus is on content creation, so we needed a partner for Finnish to English localization, along with other language pairs,” Tenfour Managing Director Ian Hamilton says. “We tried with a few agencies providing English, but we weren’t happy with the quality and the deliveries required excessive editing. With Itranslate, we finally had a partner we could rely on to provide consistent quality.”

Itranslate is a Finnish language agency established in 2003. While we are growing fast in several areas, we remain a small company at heart. This allows us to share the burden, to solve problems together, to play to each other’s strengths. For our customers, this means personal service and availability. You can always get in touch with the project manager directly and remain confident that customer always comes first. This includes our high-quality Finnish to English localization services where we continue to build on our proven track record and help our clients communicate and tell their stories.

So when Ian stopped by our offices to talk business, we welcomed him with a cup of tea. He politely refused, preferring coffee instead. We were taken aback a bit. What kind of an Englishman is this?

“It’s not that I prefer coffee, I simply don’t trust anyone with my tea,” Ian explains. “It’s the art of making the perfect cup. Much like a fine piece of writing, not everyone has what it takes. So when I have a Finnish copy and need to get its message across in English, I always turn to Itranslate.”

“The pastries were quite good, though.”