What do you get when you cross an avid gamer and a professional translator?

A dedicated, top-of-the-line games localizer!

We’ve been known to enjoy the occasional seven-hour stint at the console or PC, but when it’s time to dive into a localization project, we put our game faces on and get to work. Translation typically comes at the tail end of the game development pipeline, so the pressure is on to get the finished product on the shelves or online. With huge volumes and tight deadlines, it’s a race to the finish line.

Whether your game is for console, PC, web, tablet or phone, we’ve been there, both as players and translators. Daily drops, tight turnarounds, tricky placeholders, impossible character limits – for us, they are second nature. And of course, there is no such thing as a finished game, so feel free to blindside us with an unexpected update or a huge DLC that needs to be ready yesterday – or have us deliver a daily update batch indefinitely.

When you need your game localized in multiple languages or you’re simply looking for a Finnish vendor for your next game project, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more qualified bunch of professionals than your friendly neighborhood gamers and linguists at itranslate. Get in touch, and we’ll help you deliver the UI, UA or other game content in tip-top shape – and stay with you as the inevitable updates start rolling in.

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