Legal translations

Carefully crafted by legal experts, documents such as contracts and agreements must convey the same exact meaning in all target languages. This means no reference left out, no ambiguity about meaning or intent. Every comma is important when describing rights and responsibilities or laying out warranties and disclaimers. Fluency matters, of course – but with legal translations, accuracy and adherence to source are the overriding principles. A good legal translation is always 100% accurate.

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in effect since May 2018, imposes regulations for processing user data for organizations who engage with individuals in the EU. Under these regulations, a website must typically provide a privacy statement and privacy policies to inform users about their rights and the processing of user data. With our high-quality legal translations, you can underline the significance of these documents and let your customers know that their privacy and their rights are important to you.

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