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As our name suggests, technical translations have been our bread and butter since day one, and we’ve accumulated a wealth of experience in several areas. While projects in traditional industries and consumer electronics are very much part of our daily work, tech industry and the ongoing digital transformation continue to drive an increasing demand for high-quality technical translations.

In technical texts, technical accuracy is naturally paramount. But as consistency with established terminology and style are nearly as important, we maintain customer-specific termbases and translation memories with our professional translation tools. And with repetition another quality typical to technical texts, these tools directly benefit our customers by providing opportunities for cost-saving.

Fast pace and rapid change are qualities inherent to technology, and translations naturally have to keep up. We are used to rush jobs and hectic schedules, so a quick turnaround is not a problem. With our fluent, professional translations, your products and services are equally easy and safe to use everywhere, ensuring a a professional, safe and reliable image across all locales. Get in touch with us here.

Examples of types of technical content we’ve translated:

  • Technical guides and user manuals
  • Installation guides and maintenance manuals
  • User interface texts, software programs and applications
  • Technical information and tech notes
  • Car maintenance manuals and service manuals
  • Patents and product briefs
  • Catalogues and product guides
  • Case studies, research reports and development reports
  • Maintenance guides and troubleshooting manuals
  • Spare part catalogues

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