Translation process

Our translation process

To get things going, we recommend sending your materials to us in an electronic format. This helps speed up the process and allows for faster deliveries. Please provide any references you might have, such as earlier translations or glossaries, to help keep style and terminology consistent across all texts.

Over the course of the assignment, we may follow up with queries to make sure the end result serves your specific needs. All translation work is always carried out by professional human translators, not by machine. No exceptions there, we take pride in our work! That said, handy translation tools help with quality control and consistency and enable us to deliver your translation in the original format.

Once the translation is ready for editing, another translator or a proofreader takes over to review and polish your text and put in the finishing touches. Finally, the file is converted to the right format and sent over to you.

If you need to introduce some changes, just let us know. We’re doing this for you, and the job is not finished until you’re happy with the results!