We speak your customer's language

The world we live in keeps getting smaller, and consumers are more fluent in languages than ever before. But for a genuine connection, there is no substitute for native tongue. It makes you feel at home, inspires trust and encourages to engage. We’ll help you convey your message to your customers in Finland and abroad.

At Itranslate, we’ve been helping our customers cross language barriers since 2003. We’ve helped international brands and businesses reach a Finnish audience. We’ve been there for small companies both in Finland and abroad, and for translation agencies of all sizes. No project is too small, and few have proven too large to handle. We're not picky, either: marketing, technical, games, legal, websites and many more – we’re happy to provide. And while we’re always eager to explore new territories, we won't hesitate to tell you if a topic proves too far out of our area of expertise.

Our experienced translators make use of the latest tools available, but getting your message across is always our main concern. With our competent, native proofreaders, your audience will always feel like they’re reading a thought-out original rather than a translation.

What do you wish to tell your customers? Get in touch, and we’ll help you tell your story – in your customer's language.

Our history in short

Like so many stories, ours begins at school – namely, the University of Helsinki. Once graduated, we scattered across the globe working as freelancers or in-house at translation agencies. In 2003, we decided to head home and pool our resources. Personally, we wanted to create an agency that we'd love to work for, with people we trust and enjoy being around. Professionally, we were eager to give our full attention to what truly matters: providing high-quality translations for our customers.

Our company of few has grown and gained new faces over the years, but we remain a small company at heart. And we wouldn't have it any other way. This mindset allows us to share the burden, to solve problems together, to play to each other’s strengths. It shines through in our down-to-earth approach. For our customers, this means personal service and availability – you can always get in touch with both the project manager and translators directly.

We are a customer-first translation agency.

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