Authorised translations

Authorised translations

WHAT is an authorised translation?

Authorised translation is an official translation of a document. It is authentic and legally valid, with the same authority as the original. Authorised translations are devised by authorised translators from Finnish or Swedish or to Finnish or Swedish. Either way, either the source or target language is one of these two official languages of Finland.

An authorised translation includes the translator’s official confirmation, signature and stamp, and the original document or its copy is attached to the translation. The translator observes absolute secrecy and confidentiality. Authorised translation is the official English term for such a translation in Finland, but other terms with the same or similar definition include certified translation, verified translation, official translation or even sworn translation, depending on the country and authority in question.

If you need the authorised translation to be attached to the original document, we are happy to provide this service. In this case, please deliver the original document to us either personally or by sending it in certified mail. The requirements for Finnish authorised translations do not require the translation to be attached to the original text, a copy is acceptable, but in certain countries requirements may vary. Please always let us know the requirements given to you, if any. We'll do our best to help.

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