Christian Berner sets high standards for translations

Part of the Christian Berner Tech Trade group, Christian Berner Oy is one of the oldest technical trade companies in Finland. Today, Christian Berner helps shape sustainable society with innovative technical solutions for companies and municipal facilities in the Nordic countries. Their slogan ’Expect more’ is an apt reference to Christian Berner’s expertise and technical know-how that help them find the best products and solutions for their customers’ needs.

”Partnering with Itranslate on translations means a lot to us. They deliver excellent, polished translations that we can use as is. They consider our needs as a customer. We don’t have to draw a picture every time – they simply catch our drift, making for a smooth and effortless long-term relationship,” Christian Berner Oy’s Managing Director Henrik Westerholm sums up.

According to Westerholm, Itranslate understands the industry and its requirements. He sees fast deliveries and flexibility as some of Itranslate’s strengths. ”Our demanding schedules haven’t been an issue to them, and no delivery has ever been late.”

”It’s important for our customers that we offer manuals in their own language. Our cooperation on terminology works well as Itranslate makes deliveries, which in turn deepens our partnership. Having our brochures and website in our customers’ language streamlines Christian Berner’s operations, as materials distributed to Nordic companies in the Christian Berner Tech Trade group are localized by Itranslate to all Nordic languages. We haven’t yet found a language pair that Itranslate couldn’t handle,” Westerholm says.

”We are happy to help a leading technical trade company with our high-quality translations. With our customer relationship and cooperation working this well, it’s almost comparable to a friendship, and the people at Christian Berner have indeed become friends over the years,” says Hanna Kostamo, Head of Sales and Marketing at Itranslate.